The measure of intelligence is the ability to change,essay in 500 words​

Answer 1:

It is true that if someone is determined to change, he or she can change their intelligence level. Adapting and changing yourself according to the situation is a great quality. it is really important to change yourself if you want to be successful. Of course, intelligence helps us, but change is necessary to bring a remarkable changing in one’s life.

Answer 2:


The measure of intelligence is the ability to change
These famous words by Albert Einstein contain lots of wisdom and practical wisdom. It is absolutely true one’s ability to change determines one’s intelligence level. Change is a great quality. If you can adapt, you can achieve anything. All great people who achieved phenomenal success had this quality. In their pursuit of their goals when they failed repeatedly, they changed their strategies and course to accomplish their goals and finally succeeded.

One really has to change to be successful. Have you ever seen a river? How meandering and winding is its course! Do you know why? Well, river is the greatest example of change. Whenever any obstacle comes in its way, it either makes its course round or flows over it. And finally reaches its destination, the sea. Similarly, if a man wishes to be successful, he must adapt himself to the challenges he faces. He must not stop making efforts. He must change his strategies and be successful. Sometimes it is wiser to go round an obstacle than be deterred by its formidable height.

Even in the evolutionary process only those animals survived that were quick to adapt; big animals such as dinosaurs under whose thuds shook the earth were wiped out. On the contrary small animals like platypuses, cockroaches, bees, turtles, etc. could survive because they adapted to the changes.

All great men and women achieved success following the principle of change. Intelligence may help us in life, but change definitely helps us much more. So learn to change yourself according to the situation. If one way of accomplishing something is not working, try another strategy or route. Don’t be obdurate. Learn to change and adapt.

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